DaVinci Resolve Studio Colorist Strategies Class, 1 day

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Virtual Classroom Training (Zoom-Meeting) with our Trainer Blake Jones

Der Workshop findet in englischer Sprache statt.
Fragen können jedoch in Deutsch gestellt werden.

This course is designed for industry professionals, assistant colorists, and newer colorists. It covers colorist theory and a detailed look at color tools.
It also suggests grading strategies and session management techniques. The course content is not system specific and is useful for using and comparing
all grading systems. Participants are encouraged to share frames or clips to discuss during the class. The class covers colorist theories and explains the physical, psychological
and cultural aspects of seeing. This leads to an understanding of how influential visual clues are in audience reaction and emotion. The course then examines the film,
video and graphics and camera raw color tools that are available and how, when and why they might be used. We then cover best practices for color managed workflows and session management. You will learn about scene referred workflows, ACES, UHD, and HDR.

- How we perceive and react to color
- The truth about resolution, bit depth and dynamic range
- Ways to work with log and linear grades
- How colorists make an image look great
- Why primary tools are actually different on every system
- Which techniques are most effective for secondary grading
- What you can do to protect image quality
- How to work faster
- Ways to use DI workflows
- How to work with clients

We usually start at 10:00 and finish at 17:00.
We also have a lunch break of one hour.

About Blake

Blake Jones is a world renowned colorist based in Germany. He has over 28 years of experience with all forms of color correction.

Blake started in the industry as a tape operator and his skills were quickly recognized and he soon became a colorist in Hollywood. He started out first color grading films and eventually went on to color grade several major television shows. Eventually Blake went on to do commercial color grading. Blake then came to Holland where he worked as Senior Colorist and Technical Director of Condor Post Production in Amsterdam.
After being at Condor for almost ten years, Blake went to work for Pandora as Director of Training where aside from training colorists around the world he was also the author of the Pogle operator manual. During this time, Blake was also the author of the books “Film into Video: A Guide To Merging The Technologies 2nd Edition” and “Video Color Correction For Non-Linear Editors: A Step By Step Guide” published by Focal Press. Soon after, Blake was hired by daVinci as an independent contractor to conduct colorist training classes throughout the world and was also the author of the Resolve operator manual. Blake has worked with Resolve since it’s conception, so he has an intimate knowledge of the system.
Blake now lives in Germany where he is a colorist instructor and Resolve specialist for Creative Tools/Videocation in Munich. He conducts ICA colorist training classes at their training center. Blake also remains active as a colorist. His credits include commercials for Heineken, Ford, Mastercard and Amstel. Blake works on many different types of projects such as the recent DI restoration of the official Olympic films for the IOC and has color graded over 160 movies including 2001: A Space Odyssey, Poltergeist and A Nightmare on Elm Street to name only a few.
When not working Blake likes astrophotography, underwater photography as well as computers.

Über Blake

Blake Jones ist ein weltweit anerkannter Colorist mit Sitz in Deutschland. Er hat über 28 Jahre Erfahrung mit allen Formen der Farbkorrektur.

Blake begann seinen Werdegang als Tape Operator, doch sein Auge für Farben wurden schnell erkannt und er wurde bald zu einem Colorist in Hollywood. Er begann zunächst mit der Farbkorrektur an Spielfilmen und arbeitete schlussendlich an der Farbkorrektur mehrerer großer Fernsehserien. Nach einiger Zeit verlegte Blake seinen Arbeitsplatz in die Niederlande, wo er als Senior Colorist und technischer Direktor bei Condor Post Production in Amsterdam arbeitete.
Nach fast zehn Jahren bei Condor ging Blake als Director of Training zu Pandora, wo er neben der Ausbildung von Coloristen auf der ganzen Welt auch als Autor des Pogle Operator Manuals tätig war. Während dieser Zeit war Blake auch der Autor der Bücher “Film into Video: A Guide To Merging The Technologies 2nd Edition” und “Video Color Correction For Non-Linear Editors: A Step By Step Guide”, erschienen bei Focal Press. Bald darauf wurde Blake von daVinci als unabhängiger Auftragnehmer angeheuert, um Colorist-Schulungen in der ganzen Welt durchzuführen, und erarbeitete als Autor das Resolve-Bedienerhandbuch. Deswegen ist es nicht verwunderlich, dass Blake einer der erfahrensten Coloristen mit daVinci Resolve ist.
Blake lebt jetzt in Deutschland, wo er als Colorist-Trainer und Resolve-Spezialist für creative tools/Videocation in München tätig ist. Er leitet ICA-Coloristenschulungen in deren Schulungszentrum. Blake ist auch weiterhin als Colorist tätig. Zu seinen herausragendsten Arbeiten gehören Werbespots für Heineken, Ford, Mastercard und Amstel. Blake arbeitet an vielen verschiedenen Projekten, wie z.B. der jüngsten DI-Restaurierung der offiziellen Olympia-Filme für das IOC, und hat über 160 Filme koloriert, darunter 2001: A Space Odyssey, Poltergeist und A Nightmare on Elm Street, um nur einige zu nennen.
Wenn er nicht gerade arbeitet, beschäftigt sich Blake Astrofotografie, Unterwasserfotografie und Computer.

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