HP Anyware Professional - Subscription ( 3 Jahre) - 1 Host (ehem. RGS, ZCentral, Teradici)

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As of the 22.07 software release, Teradici CAS is now HP Anyware – the enterprise software IT needs to keep people productive with secure access to their digital workspaces. It future proofs against ever-evolving infrastructure, network, and hybrid workforce demands with deployment flexibility for virtually any host environment or workload.

Built on the same technology that won both Teradici and HP Engineering Emmys in 2020, HP Anyware creates a seamless experience for teams to interact with their digital workspaces from anywhere. Replacing slow and outdated VPN file transfers, HP Anyware leverages the PCoIP protocol to stream highly interactive desktop displays between virtually any host and end-user device without any data ever leaving the safety of your network.

HP Anyware supports Windows®, Linux® and MacOS® host environments and Windows®, Linux®, MacOS, iOS®, Android®, and Chrome OS® end-user devices

Deployment Options for HP Anyware

Have it your way with flexibility to make digital workspaces a reality for virtually any IT infrastructure. HP Anyware is based on the Teradici CAS software and licensing platform and through a single subscription, you get support and updates for the three lightweight software components required to deploy HP Anyware.

PCoIP Agent_48x48

PCoIP Agents

PCoIP Agents can be installed in a Windows®, Linux® or MacOS® host environment, including workstations or virtual machines running on the edge, a datacenter, a private or public cloud, multiple clouds or as part of a hybrid environment.

PCoIP Agent_48x48

PCoIP Clients

PCoIP Clients can be installed on a Windows® Linux® Android® MacOS® iOS® and Chrome OS® end-user device, including a PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, Chromebook® or Thin Client.

PCoIP Agent_48x48

Anyware Manager

Anyware Manager can be installed in your host environment or accessed as a service for IT Administrators to easily provision and monitor PCoIP® connections and manage user-access to shared digital workspaces.

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Hersteller "HP"


Ein weitere unbestrittener Marktführer in unserem Produktportfolio ist HP Inc.
Mit den, bereits seit Jahrzehnten, bewährten Z-Workstations, die stets mit aktuellen Komponenten auf dem aktuellen Stand sind.
Die Workstations sind von den meisten unserer Software-Partner als de-facto Standard zertifiziert. (Adobe, Autodesk, Avid, Blackmagic Design)

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