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A Plugin for DaVinci Resolve™ that generates film grain based on frame content and embeds it directly to the native camera log. The result is a texture that is more realistic and closer to the look of real film grain.

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Grain generated by the content of the frame

Most existing grain simulations work on a principle of texture overlay of scanned or digital grain texture

Grainlab dynamically generates grain based on the frame’s content, making its appearance closer to the real film grain.

Deep Blend with Digital Camera Negative.

Grainlab is designed to blend grain deep into the texture of the digital camera negative. The resulting image is behaving to film scans as it has texture applied before any color correction.

Select from 16mm, 35mm and even 65mm 200 and 400 ISO textures.


Fine Tune Grain Appearance

Complicated algorithm controls have been simplified to only three parameters: Base, Body, and Sparkle, giving you the ability to fine-tune grain appearance and blend further.

All of the processing is GPU accelerated and real-time in HD and 4K.


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